Christmas Light Installation

Christmas Light Installation FAQ’s

We are still in the production process of some of our videos. Keep checking back for more FAQs. And if you have ANY questions please send us an email.

Below you will find short and sweet answers to the most common questions in the Christmas Light Installation business in text format as well as some video responses. If you have a few minutes we recommend the videos so that you can get to know us a little bit.

Can I add decorations to my original Christmas light installation estimate?

Of course you can. Just let us know.

How many lights do I need for my Christmas light installation project?

It depends on the project. We will recommend the amount of lights needed after discussing what your desired look is.

How much does Christmas light installation cost?

This also depends on the project. Our installation prices start at $250 for residential installs.

How long will my Christmas light installation project take?

We will give you a projected decorating time frame once we give you an estimate.

Do I really need to remove my Christmas lights during the off season?

Yes you should to extend the life of your lights and decorations.

Does the Christmas Guys take checks?

Yes you can pay with a check for you Christmas light installation.

Does the Christmas Guys accept credit cards?


Do the Christmas Guys do interior Christmas decorating?


Don’t forget if you have any questions regarding Christmas light installation please don’t hesitate to ask.